Thursday 011917

A) Skill
Hand stand holds-HSPU
10 min

B)4 sets:
200m Run
20 no push-up burpee
15 KBS
200m run 3 min…
level 1:44/26

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Wednesday 011817

A) Strength
Front squats: 6×5

Hang Power Clean
Bar over burpee
level 1:75/55 ring rows
level 2:115/75 Banded Pull-ups
RX: 135/95

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Ever lay in bed at night with your mind racing, unable to sleep? Consider yourself a “light sleeper,” waking up often? Ever wake up at night and find it difficult to go back to sleep? Want more sleep in general, or often wake up tired, as though you’d never slept at all? If any of these things are happening to you, it might be time to work on your sleep hygiene.
Sleep hygiene? It’s not washing your sheets, although you should be doing that. Sleep hygiene is treating sleep like a process that you consciously execute, rather than an event that will eventually happen to you once you get tired enough. While sleep aiding supplements are certainly a topic of interest, that’s for another time. These hygiene tips are all actions that you can start taking today, to fall asleep faster, have better sleep quality, and wake up feeling more refreshed!
Sleep hygiene is treating sleep like a process that you consciously execute, rather than an event that will eventually happen to you once you get tired enough
Before we get into the points, it’s important to note that all of this advice, while good, is generalized. It’ll be up to you to figure out how to apply it best to your life. The goal is to make these things routine, as opposed to having them feel disruptive to the routine.

Pick a time…any time…
Having a consistent bedtime is the first item to tackle. For most of our evolution, we’ve had to use one major light source: the sun. When the sun went down, it was bedtime. Of course, sundown changes with the seasons, but from day to day that time is pretty consistent. Certainly more consistent than most people are when left to their own devices, anyway. So, pick a consistent time to go to bed every night. This way you’ll get your body on a regular rhythm with sleep. It also has the added benefit of putting you in the driver’s seat when you make a conscious decision when to go to bed.

Shut down those screens
Remember my point about the sun earlier? Well I want you to imagine that each screen in your house is a mini sun. Staring at your phone, TV, or computer tells your brain that the sun is still up, and prevents the restful processes from starting. Specifically, blue light interrupts your melatonin production, which is the chemical that tells your brain to start winding down. You can download apps that omit blue light, or even wear blue light goggles, but I think that just shutting down the screens is the best option. Even without the blue light, those screens are sending you content that is keeping your brain active when it needs to be winding down.

Winding down
As I mentioned, sleep hygiene is a process you execute to get your body and mind ready for sleep. You’re not trying to shut everything down and be asleep in a few minutes. So, along with the screens, start turning off some of the other lights as it gets closer to your chosen bedtime. The point is to cultivate a general sense of relaxation and finishing the day, as well as mimic the normal gradual loss of light that happens in nature. Tidy up a few minor things in the kitchen, perhaps. Or read a novel. If you find yourself focusing on the problems of tomorrow, write a to do list to put those things where they belong. Close up shop for the day, both mentally and physically, and give your brain permission to take a rest.

Enter the cave
The last thing to talk about is your sleep environment itself. Your room should be as dark as possible, with no artificial light sources. I say again: no artificial light sources. Turn your alarm clocks around, even. Your room should be cool, and some people find it helpful to have some white noise. White noise can simply be a fan, or even something purpose-built to make sounds like “stream” or “rain” noises. Think about trying to recreate a cave, and doing this will help you stay asleep once you’ve followed all of the above steps.
Putting it all together
Individually, each of these Sleep Hygiene strategies might seem pretty minor, but don’t let that stop you. Taken as a whole they can have a profound effect on how fast you get to sleep, and the quality of sleep once you’re off in la-la-land. I’m all about taking charge of the factors that affect your health, and not “realizing” that you did something detrimental after the fact.

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Tuesday 011717

A) strength
Every 2 minutes for 12 min
1 hang Power Snatch+ 2 OHS
*Build till technique gives out

B) For time:
100 wallballs 20/14
100 Box jumps 24/20
Run 800m

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Monday 011617

A) skill
Every 4 minutes for 16 minute
45 sec hanging L-sit
100m suitcase carry(50mL/50mR)
*level 1 Tuck sit
level 2 hanging L-sit knee ext.

B)3 rounds for time:
20 Deadlifts
50 double unders/100 singles
rest 1 min..
level 1:75/55
level 2: 135/95
Rx: 185/125

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Friday 011317

A) Strength
Hang power Clean
5×3 @ Build to HEAVY TRIPLE
*proper technique

B) Conditioning
4 rounds
:20 Deadlift
:40 rest
:20 Hang Power Clean
:40 rest
:20 Push press 1 minute
Rx: 115/75

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