Our Gym

CrossFit Twins offers a classy workout environment in a super clean facility.  We hold to specific core values to ensure we provide our members with the best care possible:

•Knowledge: We are all lifetime students, share, educate, and listen.
•Goals: Set goals, achieve them, be your best self and know your worth.
•Growth: Obstacles are opportunity for growth, face them with boldness. Push past what you once thought impossible and lift up those around you in the process.
•Community: We build up those around us through honesty creating trust and forming our Stay Classy CrossFit Family.
•Accessibility: A willingness to try means anything is for you!
•Work: Hard work pays off. You only get back as much as you’re willing to give in life.
•Mental Sharpening:  Build strength within first.
•Have Fun: You create the experience you want.