• Matt Heflin (Head Trainer/Coach)

Coach Matt has been athletic his entire life. He played baseball in high school and football at Fullerton JC. When his athletic training ended in college, he wondered what he would do to fill that void of competing. He was introduced to CrossFit in February, 2013. By being introduced to crossfit, he found a passion for Olympic weightlifting. He later became USAW certified.

Matt received a BA in Kinesiology and will pursue to get his Doctorate in Physical Therapy.

In Matt’s own words: “as an athlete, you look for that one thing that will push pass your limits… CrossFit has definitely done that.”


  • Corey Lindsey(Coach)

Coach Corey is a very competition oriented person. Growing up he was always involved in some sort of sport or physical activity. Not only is he CrossFit certified but, he is also a certified fitness trainer through the International Sport Science Association. He played football and was a wrestler in high school and played D1 rugby at CSU, Fullerton. After his sports career ended he found pleasure in fitness and overall health.

“CrossFit always keeps me coming back for more. The competitive aspect of CrossFit is something that I need in order to keep me honest Along my fitness journey. The most rewarding part of being a Coach and Fitness Trainer is seeing people progress towards their goals. Helping people change their lives for the better is something that I take pride in.”

  • Coach Alex(Coach/Trainer)

    Coach Alex is one of our newest coaches at Crossfit Twins. Has an extensive background in a variety of high school sports (football, soccer, volleyball, and wrestling). He enjoyed weightlifting more than anything but wanted to improve his overall fitness and be an equally balanced athlete and not just in strength and power. Alex discovered CrossFit about 2 years ago and was able to learn and execute all the movements in a short time, including the more advanced gymnastic type skills such as muscle ups and handstand push ups. After realizing how much he enjoyed being a CrossFit athlete, he started to enjoy helping others through their own struggles and decided to become a certified coach. When Alex is not coaching or working out, you can find him serving as an ER Tech at Anaheim Regional Medical Center.

    “There’s no greater satisfaction than helping others in need when they come to the ER and that’s why i enjoy the hospital. But to see the drive and motivation people have to improve their lives for the better, whether it’s to lose weight, get stronger, or just be involved in a community is what keeps me eager to come back everyday and display that same determination as a coach”
  • Mike Campos (Coach/Trainer)

Mike Campo is CrossFit Level 1 Certified and has been training in CrossFit since 2013. He has been a dedicated athlete since he was 5 years old through college. Ice hockey was his main sport but also joined in other sports such as soccer and volleyball. He now is a substitute special education aid and coaches kids in the art of power skating for hockey, as well.

Mike Campo hopes to welcome and help everyone that enters the CrossFit Twins Gym. He aims to make sure that all are instructed and performing the exercise movements properly and pushing themselves to become better athletes, feel healthier and attain the goals that our athletes have set forth for themselves. He welcomes all to our growing CrossFit Twins family!