The hardest part of trying something new is having the courage to start it. We are confident that if you have come this far on the website, you are ready for a change! You do NOT need to lose 10 pounds or learn everything about Olympic lifting before you come in here…that’s what we are here for! We welcome all fitness levels ranging from college athletes to grandmothers. No matter who you are or where your fitness is currently, we have something for you!

Step 1:

Schedule an Intro to CrossFit/Fitness Assessment
You are looking at this page for a reason.  You’ve decided to make a change and we are here to help you on your journey. Email us at or call 714 985 9554  to schedule your first complementary session.  You can do it alone or you can bring a friend.  The session lasts 60 minutes and we will cover the CrossFit methodology and evaluate your current fitness levels.  More importantly you will be on the path to making yourself awesome.

Step 2:

Personal Training
We are setup to be a school of fitness and not just a big group exercise class.  Yes, you will have the ability to graduate into CrossFit group classes but we must ensure that you are fit enough to join the group classes and competent in the CrossFit movements.

This approach will require you to start out with personal one-on-one  or two-on-one training session.  You will be be coached by a head instructor and an apprentice coach.  Our coaches have been around the CrossFit community since it landed in Georgia so we know what we are talking about.

During these sessions (the exact number depends on your personal level of fitness and physical abilities), you will become proficient with the CrossFit movements (30-40 movements).  They will include Olympic weightlifting, power lifting, gymnastics and rowing.  You will also be educated on mobility, injury prevention, and nutrition.
Our approach with personal training is based on three ideas:

First, CrossFit is incredibly technical.  Stepping into the arena of CrossFit is like learning a new sport.  In the same way you would not just throw someone without experience into the middle of a Varsity football game, we don’t throw people who have never done clean and jerks, snatches, pull-ups, and rope climbs into the middle of a CrossFit class.  We take the time to teach you proper form and technique in these movements so you are confident and safe by the time you start group classes.

Secondly, personal training allows us at CrossFit Twins to address your individual needs.  Every person is different and has unique weaknesses, deficiencies, and injuries we need to work with and around.  Everyone works at a different pace and learns in different ways, so we want to work with you in ways you learn best.  We are working to set you on a path for longevity in your fitness goals.

Third, we believe in human connection and that being connected to a community of awesome people enriches peoples lives. This relationship with your coach will be no exception.  At Twins Crossfit our coaches want to know not only your fitness goals, but also what is going on in your life, and what all you need from us to succeed.


Unlimited Membership Plans:

  • 6 Month Unlimited Membership ($140/month)
  • *NEW* Friends Unlimited Membership (sign up with a friend and you both pay $130 monthly Membership!)
  • Month-to-Month Unlimited Membership ($165/month)
  • Student/Fire/LEO/Military ($125/month-to-month)

Basic Packages: Only In House 

  • Personal Training ($85/session)
  • Drop-In Fee ($20/session with T-Shirt)

**If you already have experience with CrossFit and/or you have trained at a collegiate/professional level, we will conduct a session to take you through a myriad movements we utilize in our training.  Upon completion, a determination will be made by your coach as to whether any additional sessions are necessary.  If it is determined an athlete is prepared to enter into Group Classes, then we will allow you to hit the ground running.  Our main priority and goal is your success and safety in our program.**